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Midwifery care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period


  • preconception counselling, natural family planning, infertility
  • pregnancy care
  • help with minor discomforts of pregnancy
  • birth preparation classes
  • Ambulante Schwangerschaftssprechstunde



Giving birth in the Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit 


  • midwifery care during out-of-hospital birth from 37 weeks of pregnancy 
  • continuous one-on-one midwifery care 





After the birth


  • Aufsuchende Wochenbettbetreuung nach Bedarf
  • Ambulante Wochenbettsprechstunde im Haus mit offener Sprechstunde an 2 Tagen in der Woche
  • breastfeeding support
  • postnatal exercise classes one-on-one and in a group setting
  • support with introducing the baby to solid food 





Workshops in Planung


  • Bleeding workshops, menstruation counseling
  • menstrual cycle counseling
  • Aufklärungskurse zu Sexualität und STIs Information workshops on sexuality and STDs 
  • sexuality after birth
  • planning for parental leave, 50/50 how does it work?
  • pelvic floor muscles- the body's powerhouse 


Darüber hinaus


  • Akupunktur
  • all services multilingual/ in the woman’s mother tongue
  • cooperation with universities, student placements 
  • contributions to midwifery research 
  • Geburtsfotografie




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