about us


The founding of the Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit enables the merging of midwifery care and women’s health in one place. We are creating a culturally sensitive, interdisciplinary center where people from all social groups can access health care.


We find it particularly important to reach women and families from marginalised areas of the city, which we aim to achieve by offering multilingual, low-threshold services and an integrated drop-in postnatal care clinic. In addition, we plan on providing pregnancy care in the women’s mother tongue using translators. The drop- in postnatal care clinic will be set up in the hopes of improving the dire shortage of midwifery care in Hamburg.


The Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit can open its doors as early as autumn 2021 providing that we find the right property. Until then there is still a lot to do, let’s get to it!


At this stage our planning team consists of eight people, six of whom are midwives. Some of us are self-employed and work outside of the hospital, providing pregnancy-, birth- and postnatal care, some work in the hospital as employed midwives. Since we started announcing the founding of our non-profit organisation “Neues Geburtshaus für Hamburg e.V.” we have had numerous expressions of interest from people with different professional backgrounds as well as interested colleagues. We will continue to expand our team over time. We are working towards facilitating a minimum of 250 births a year and plan to work as a team of 12 midwives. 




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