We believe that pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are natural processes.



Our actions are led by…


...the desire to approach all people without preconceptions- irrespective of cultural, religious and social origins. Through low-threshold, multilingual and culturally sensitive services we aim to make midwifery care and women’s health services available to all.


… our philosophy to view families as the focal point of our work. We regard the word family as a general notion that each woman or person with a uterus defines for themselves. We extend a warm welcome towards friends, siblings, grandparents and any other chosen support person.


…the strong belief that pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are natural processes. We care for women according to their unique needs and wishes from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the child’s first year of life. Pregnancy care is very important to our work, as regular check-ups allow us to assess the physiological progression of the pregnancy. Ample time and space as well as individualised information enable the development of mutual trust, enhance the decision making process and strengthen women’s autonomy.


Our actions are led by…


… desire to support women holistically, attentively and in an individualised manner during birth. The protected space of the birthing unit, with its calm and private atmosphere, as well as the attendance of a familiar midwife, allow women to let themselves become an active part of the birth process.


For us as midwives, one-on-one care enables us to continuously observe the wellbeing of the woman and her baby and to support the physiological birth processes using patience and appropriate outside intervention.


.. the endeavor to represent the entire female reproductive cycle in our counselling and educational services. In addition to providing midwifery care, we want to create a space where different aspects of women's health are addressed holistically.


Our actions are led by…


… the notion that we are part of an interdisciplinary team. We view cooperation with other professional groups, state services and institutions as valuable for us as a team, but even more so for the families in our care. Professional exchange, data protection compliance, binding agreements, and a respect for each other’s professional responsibilities, allow us to work seamlessly with our cooperation partners.


… the wish to be there for each other as team partners. We want to actively support each other and be understanding, honest, open and appreciative towards each other. We want our teamwork to be intensive and familiar, supported by mutual arrangements and regulated processes. Continuous exchange, periodic supervision and a positive error culture will help us to reach those goals.


Damit wir diese Arbeit noch viele Jahre weitermachen können, legen wir Wert auf eine leistungsbezogene Vergütung, geregelte Rufbereitschaften und eine gute Balance zwischen Beruf und Privatleben. Und das kommt auch den von uns betreuten Menschen zugute.


Our actions are led by…


… the expectation of high professional expertise. In our everyday work we combine experience, traditional midwifery knowledge and evidence-based findings. Unified standards help us to work within predefined structures without limiting individual team member’s unique skills and areas of focus. We strive to continuously improve our work by engaging in continuing education, professional exchange, self-reflection and by staying up-to-date with midwifery literature and research. A self-imposed and detailed quality assurance system helps us to display our structures and processes, increases our transparency and enables a fast and efficient response to deviations from the physiological norm.


...the goal to be politically active. We want to advocate for women’s right to choose where and in which setting they wish to give birth, because to us, each person should be viewed as their own best expert. We try to take a gender neutral and queer-feminist approach to our work. We strive to not reproduce racism and to deal with racist experience constructively. We want to strengthen not only the midwifery profession, but also the concept of out-of-hospital birth within society and health politics.


… the desire to create opportunities for education, training and continuing education. By offering student placements we attempt to contribute to the sound and comprehensive education of our future colleagues. In addition we aim to offer continuing education to extend the knowledge of midwives and professionals in adjacent fields.

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