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The birth center is quietly located in the beautiful Hammer Park in Hamburg-Mitte. Our aim is to empower pregnant women to have a self-determined and active birth in a quiet atmosphere. Our main focus is midwifery care during birth, provided by a team of midwives who are familiar to you.

You will recieve support throughout pregnancy, birth and the first year of the baby's life. We also offer care if you are trying to get pregnant, if you lose your pregnancy or are unsure about being pregnant.


In order to make a birth center birth accessible to as many women as possible, families can choose how high their on-call fee should be within a set range. Even if you do not wish to have an out-of-hospital birth, you can come to our midwife outpatient clinic during pregnancy and in the first year after the birth, with or without your baby. You can book an appointment or come during our drop-in sessions. We endeavor to offer multilingual services whenever possible.


Every pregnant woman has the right to choose where she wants to birth her baby. In order for more pregnant women to have the option of an out-of-hospital birth in a birth center, we took action in 2019 and began planning the third Hamburg birth center. The “Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit” in the beautiful Hammer Park was opened in January 2022 after an intensive two and a half year start-up phase. Here we have been accompanying births since February 2022. For more detailed information about our range of services look here.


Visions for the future:

In addition to the birth center, we have a vision to establish an integrated health center for girls, women, people with female assigned reproductive systems and their partners on the topics of sexuality and women’s health - from puberty to menopause.


The birth center and a small part of the health center have been successfully implemented. However, the health center will continue to grow. If you would like to support this vision, become a member of the non-profit association “Neues Geburtshaus für Hamburg e.V.. (Of course it's also possible to donate without joining).



Come by, call us or write to us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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