Even before I started studying midwifery, it was clear to me that, away from hospitals, there was a need for places and people alike that had faith in the physiology of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, and even more generally, in the health and potential of people.
In my head, I pictured a center that focuses on health and its promotion. A house where there is room for many topics and questions concerning the health of women* and men*. A place where families are supported during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

I believe that people's health can only be accompanied, supported or restored holistically. This is what I have gained from my experiences and knowledge from my biology and medical studies, as well as from my work as a CrossFit and BIRTHFIT trainer. Bodies need movement, spirits need information and knowledge and souls need connections, need an open ear and heart for all problems and worries but also all joys.



For my out-of-hospital practice in freelance midwifery and in particular in the team of the future House for Birth and Health I decided on and applied for a place, because there I find many of my ideas, themes and values about birth and health. Common values are, for example, diversity and empowerment.

I would also like to gain insight into the organization and planning, management and challenges that come with freelancing as well as providing individualized, comprehensive support to families early in my studies.


One of the key statements of Michel Odent an obstetrician is: "It does matter how we are born".

I want to learn and experience what that means. What a difference it makes when, where and how people are born and are accompanied and supported on their life and family journey. That is why I am very happy to be able to do the out-of-hospital practice assignment in the team of the future House for Birth and Health.

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