Rabea Schlüter


Something that's very close to my heart is the wish for more women to be able to experience continuity of one-on-one care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Here the focus is on the woman’s individual needs and those of her family. Aside from maintaining physical health, I view mental health as an important factor to be taken into consideration.  Hamburg desperately needs an additional birthing unit, so that more women who want to have an out-of-hospital birth can assert this right. During the founding period I am responsible for the social media content.  

Fritzi Buresch


I am going to be a midwife and will sit my exam in August 2021, if everything goes according to plan. I want to use the Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit to create a place that emanates calmness, strength and stability. In addition to providing care during birth, this place will aim to enhance the health of women, mothers and young families. Safeguarding mental and physical health as well as using sensitivity when dealing with trying situations are of equal and utmost importance to me.

Felix Getzmann


I am a trained master carpenter and at the moment I am responsible for project management. Having spent time in Wendland, Berling and Leipzig, life has now taken me back to Hamburg. A good friend of mine asked me for help writing a business plan - this is how the business crew came to life. For me midwives are modern day heroines. I am excited to be a part of the foundation work for this project.

Aurora Hoepfner


For a number of years I was traveling around the world and worked in the social services sector in southern Europe and Africa. I expect to start my midwifery studies in autumn of 2021. It is important to me that any development in the area of women's health takes into consideration individuality, multilingualism and cultural sensitivity. I see the Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit as a place in which this kind of development can take place. During the establishment process of the birthing unit, I support the team by doing research, producing merchandise and helping Nora with work relating to the non-profit organisation “Neues Geburtshaus für Hamburg”.

Steffi Jensen


I am a trained event technician and have worked in television for a number of years. I even had the opportunity to travel the world with musicians. After giving birth to my children, however, pursing my career was no longer possible and so I spent much the next couple of years mainly focusing on my family. I gave birth three times. My second pregnancy ended in the still birth of my child. It is during this time that I came to realize just how extremely important the support of a midwife is and have been fascinated by the diverse nature of midwifery care ever since. Although I have no plans to become a midwife myself, I would like to use my know-how to support the (development of the) Geburtshaus. At the moment, I am in the process of continuing my education in the field of project management and am looking forward to supporting the birthing center in this area as well.

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